Legal Matters

The organiser of the poster competition is the European Commission Representation in Germany, working in collaboration with the European Parliament Liaison Office. The organiser will publish the posters of the three prize-winning entrants or groups all over Germany. Only non-commercial use will be made of the entries. In order to display the details of the entrants and their posters, the organiser will have to exercise the non-exclusive publishing rights identified below and obtain declarations of consent.

The rights of use to shortlisted entries shall be transferred to the organiser and their partners. However, entrants will still be permitted to use their own works for their own purposes. The possibility of recourse to the courts is excluded. The right to use the entries should be granted to the European Commission on a non-exclusive, transferrable and sub-licensable basis, without geographical, temporal or content restrictions, and free of any third-party rights. It is limited to non-commercial use. In particular, it includes the right to exploit, reproduce, distribute, broadcast, communicate to the public and make publicly accessible the posters in question for all currently known and unknown types of online and offline use, including but not restricted to printed works, data carriers and press releases, as well as for display in public spaces, on websites, on social media channels and on the internet, in each case including the right to edit and to use the results of such editing to the extent described above. In particular, the rights of use described here shall not be limited to use within the context of the European election on 9 June 2024.

Once the competition process has been completed, the personal data of the entrants shall be deleted unless the entrant agrees to being contacted by the Representation for other purposes. The entrant is entitled to object to the processing of their data by the organiser, in which case such data shall be deleted immediately. In the case of prize-winning posters, first names, surnames, ages, and the names of colleges or universities may be published, including on the posters themselves, online, in the press and on social media.
Entries shall only be considered if the declaration of consent has been signed and submitted along with the poster(s). Entrants under the age of 18 may only take part if this declaration of consent is also signed by their parent or guardian. You will find the declaration here.